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5 Guest Post Email Templates That Really Work in 2024

5 Guest Post Email Templates That Really Work in 2024
Posted by Ashlie February 14, 2024

Getting quick responses to your guest post emails can be tough!

We can say it’s like finding a needle in a haystack!

In a recent study, “Backlinko says only 8.5% of emails get noticed. But no worries! We’ve got the secret to increase chances and make your emails stand out to the website owners.”

Understanding Guest Post Outreach

Guest post outreach remains one of the most effective content marketing strategies. While there have been several evolution in the way outreach is conducted by practitioners. But effective  with compelling subject lines and personalized templates can boost your chances of getting high responses customized to specific targets for driving results.

How to do guest posting?

You’ll first have to extensively do research and distinguish authoritative guest posting websites according to your business’s niche. One tip to easily post your guest blogs on leading guest posting sites is to choose the sites with a stronger E-A-T value.

The Significance of Effective Guest Post Outreach in 2024

Guest post outreach when done right can deliver high-quality backlinks, brand exposure, traffic and leads. Particularly in 2024, our Guest Post Email Templates will play an important role for businesses looking to strengthen their organic search presence and authority in specific industry verticals or topic categories. By researching industry-leading websites, creators can identify top-tier outlets for potential guest contributions focused on high-value, evergreen content.

The Evolution of Guest Post Email Templates

Over the years, the templates used for guest post outreach emails have evolved significantly from generic templates focused on promotions to highly personalized templates tailored for individual bloggers, websites or publication types. Contemporary best practices emphasize taking time to understand targets, addressing them by name, showcasing relevant expertise and weaving in well-researched topics or keywords of interest.

To maximize the effectiveness of guest blog outreach, practitioners need to focus their strategic efforts around specific high-intent keywords or keyword clusters relevant to target websites and audiences. By incorporating these targeted keywords in a natural, humanized manner throughout email pitches and guest post content itself, creators can significantly boost the chances of securing placements.

Current Trends in Guest Posting Outreach

trends of Guest Posting Outreach

With the evolution of content formats and social media, the Guest Post Email Templates landscape in 2024 will see bloggers and websites becoming pickier with their placements. Creators will need to focus their efforts on crafting ultra-relevant pitches centered around quality, actionable content instead of pure link-building. Personalized touch points and following up respectfully will be crucial to gaining and maintaining relationships in this competitive space.

The Role of Effective Email Templates in Outreach

Thoughtfully designed email templates lie at the heart of successful guest blog outreach. Templates need to stand out from the rest by addressing publications and bloggers by name, highlighting relevant expertise, showcasing a compelling call-to-action and incorporating targeted keywords smoothly. Consistency in template structure also allows room for personalization at scale.

How to Craft Compelling Guest Post Outreach Emails?


To craft compelling outreach emails, it is imperative to understand the dynamics of the guest blogging landscape and individual publication/blogger requirements. Research is key to uncovering crucial elements like target niches, popular topics, submission guidelines and pain points to address or satisfy with quality content contributions.

  • Incorporating Targeted Keywords in Outreach Strategies

Weaving in 1-2 targeted, highly relevant keywords organically and naturally in email subject lines and body copy can significantly increase response rates. The keywords must represent high commercial intent, help position relevant expertise and pique the editor’s interest in potential topics.

  • Importance of Personalization and Relevance in Email Templates

Personalized outreach customized specifically for individual websites and bloggers will always perform better than generic templates. Taking the time to insert specifics like publication name, relevant expertise, topics of interest etc. helps establish credibility and shows true intent over mass querying. Relevance makes an immediate positive impression.

Let’s explore the five effective guest post email templates focus to promise guest posting opportunities in 2024.

Template 1

Subject: Exciting Post Ideas for [Blog Name]

Hi [Editor’s Name],

I’m [Your Name] from [Your Brand]. I’ve been following [Blog Name] and enjoying the valuable content for [time frame]. I have a few ideas that could be a great fit for your readers.

I’m an experienced [guest blogger/freelance writer] who has written for several top blogs, including [Example 1] and [Example 2]. Some relevant [guest blog/freelance] work includes:

The post ideas I’d like to discuss are:

  • [Idea 1]
  • [Idea 2]
  • [Idea 3]

Please let me know if any resonate or if you’d like me to expand on the topics. I appreciate you considering me as a potential contributor.

[Your Name]

Template 2

Subject: Worthwhile Post on [Topic] for Your Readers

Hi [Editor’s Name],

I came across your blog, [Blog Name], while researching [topic] and was impressed by the quality of the content. As an experienced [blogger/writer] covering [niche], I have an idea for a post that could provide value for your readers.

Some of my recent guest posts include “[Post Title]” for [Blog 1] and “[Post Title]” for [Blog 2]. For a sample of my writing style on this topic, please check “[Your Related Post].”

The post idea is titled “[Post Title] – [Brief Description].” please let me know if you’d be open to receiving a draft. I strive to deliver well-researched, reader-focused content for each platform I write for.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Your Name]


Template 3

Subject: Guest Post Proposal for [Blog Name]

Hello [Editor’s Name],

I’m [Your Name], an [occupation/expertise] based in [location]. As an avid reader of [Blog Name], I noticed you don’t have much coverage on [topic].

I recently published a post on [topic] for [blog title] that was well-received.

I have additional insights on [topic] that I believe your readers would appreciate. Please let me know if you’d be open to a 1000-1500 word guest post on [proposed post title].

I appreciate you taking the time to consider this proposal. Please feel free to contact me if you need any other information.

Thank you,
[Your Name]

Template 4

Subject: Guest Post Idea – [Compelling Post Title]

Hello [Editor’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I noticed that [Blog Name] doesn’t have much content on [niche topic] and thought your readers could benefit from a post on [proposed post title].

As a well-published [blogger/industry expert] on this topic, here are a couple of samples of my work:

“[Post Title]” for [Blog 1]
“[Post Title]” for [Blog 2]

The guest post I propose would delve into [overview of what the post will cover]. It’s [word count] words and focused on providing [top 2 benefits for readers].

Please let me know if you’d be open to receiving a draft. I appreciate you considering this idea.

Thank you for your time,
[Your Name]


Template 5

Subject: Guest Post Idea on [Timely Topic]

Hello [Editor’s Name],

I hope this finds you well. I’m [Your Name], a [blogger/writer] focusing on [industry/niche]. I noticed [Blog Name] doesn’t have any recent posts on [timely topic] and thought your readers could benefit from timely insights.

Here are some relevant samples:

“[Sample Post Title]” for [Blog 1]
“[Sample Post Title]” for [Blog 2]

I have a [word count] word draft focused on [topic]. It covers [overview of key points] while providing [top benefit for readers].

Please let me know if you’d be open to receiving the draft. I aim to deliver valuable, reader-focused content.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Your Name]



Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Guest Post Email Outreach

  • Overly Generic Approaches and Lack of Personalization

Mass querying publications without taking the time for research and customizing each email risks immediate deletion. Personalization establishes credibility and interest.

  • Failing to Follow Up Effectively and Build Relationships

Failing to send respectful follow ups after the initial outreach risks missed opportunities. Relationship-building is key to ongoing success.

Guest Posting Email Template Best Practices

  • Optimizing Subject Lines with Targeted Keywords

Incorporating 1-2 optimized, highly relevant keywords in the subject line increases open rates by aligning with commercial intent

  • Incorporating Strong Calls-to-Action in Email Templates

CTAs like “Please let me know if you’d like me to propose a draft” inspire action versus mass pitches with no direction

  • The Art of A/B Testing for Continuous Improvement

Testing different subject lines, structures, and formats on a small percentage of lists helps improve overall response for future campaigns

Metrics for Measuring Guest Post Email Outreach Success

  • Tracking Open Rates, Click-Through Rates, and Responses

Analyzing metrics like open rates, clicks and responses helps identify top-performing templates for scale and improvement areas

  • Utilizing Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

Applying analytics provides actionable insights for optimizing ongoing strategies, tailoring approaches, and maximizing outcomes

  • Adjusting Strategies Based on Performance Metrics

Repeating approaches based on tracked metrics like worst-performing days/times helps continuously enhance results

Best Subject Line for Guest Post Outreach

The following are the best subject lines you can incorporate in your email to stand out in the crowded inbox

  • Have you thought of this idea?
  • Amazing content ideas for your blog
  • Proposal for a guest post
  • I have something exciting for your blog
  • Let’s do this with your blog
  • I have something stored for [Blog Name]
  • Increase your blog value with this formula.
  • Let’s start your day with this blog idea
  • Amazing stuff for your blog
  • Something special is coming your way

Add value to your subscribers!

Final Thoughts on the Ever-Evolving Landscape of Guest Post Email Outreach in 2024

While guest blogging remains a highly effective content channel, continues evolving rapidly. Sustained success depends on understanding individual publication dynamics, crafting ultra-relevant, targeted pitches, forging positive relationships and continuously optimizing strategic approaches through experimentation and metrics analysis. Overall, personalized outreach personalized for each unique target will reap the best results.


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You’ll first have to extensively do research and distinguish authoritative guest posting websites according to your business’s niche. One tip to easily post your guest blogs on leading guest posting sites is to choose the sites with a stronger E-A-T value.

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