What Are Dofollow Backlinks? And How They Increase Traffic

What Are Dofollow Backlinks? And How They Increase Website Traffic

What Are Dofollow Backlinks? And How They Increase Website Traffic
Posted by Ashlie January 12, 2024

Are you tired of generating dud leads? Is your competitor loaded with conversions that you longed for?

Yes, you have a great marketing strategy and clickbait content, then what’s missing?

Consider revisiting your SEO strategy, as it lacks some quality dofollow backlinks. It has been estimated that 90% of marketers drive traffic to their clients’ sites through backlinks. This astonishing number shows the importance of these authoritative backlinks for SEO and traffic.

Imagine this scenario:

A user comes and starts to search on Google for “Dofollow link-building platforms”.

Now you want your website to be the first thing they see on the first or second page. Isn’t It?

To achieve this, you need top-notch content and high-quality, relevant backlinks. This is where dofollow backlinks step in to play a key role in boosting your website’s traffic to make it visible to top serp pages by getting it noticed by those actively seeking your services.

Dofollow backlinks has gained significant prominence in the industry. Do you know why?

Understanding their importance is crucial for anyone looking to drive more traffic through high-quality backlinks. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the concept of dofollow backlinks and explore how they play a pivotal role in increasing website traffic.

What is a Do-Follow Backlink?

With the help of links, PageRank functions as a weighted score; the higher the number, the higher your site’s rank and SEO. Obtaining these points is crucial for any website owner since they are sometimes referred to as “link juice” by experts in marketing due to their capacity to “flow” across websites with the appropriate connecting structure. The issue? Soon after they were introduced, gaining points by whatever means imaginable became the go-to tactic for many dishonest marketers.

What is the simplest technique to accomplish this goal? 

Posting links to client websites in comments on well-known websites’ postings raises the customer’s visibility. The link juice boost increases with the credibility of the connecting site (consider recognized news sources or shops).

These links were set by default to “dofollow,” which told search engines to follow the link back to the original website and increase its PageRank. 

Follow links are still important in SEO strategies today as they may greatly increase PageRank values and make companies stand out. On the other hand, adding links without authority gives site administrators additional authority. Generally, aim for a natural link profile with about 40% no follow and 60% do-followed links. 

For instance, no-follow tags are now typically included by default in comment areas, and page builders can include non-authoritative tags in blog posts and other publications. It is simple to convert these links from nofollow to dofollow; however, the owners of the websites must request the change by contacting the administrators of the connected sites.

How to Create Dofollow Backlinks?

Dofollow Backlinks

Usually, creating an authoritative link doesn’t need any activity. Search engines will automatically find your page and raise your overall PageRank if another website links to yours without using the nofollow tag.

This also holds for links that you place on your website. For instance, you may include links to trustworthy external websites in your writing and let search engines follow them.

In the meantime, you might want to switch on automatic no-follow tags wherever it’s feasible or make sure that all links have the no follow tag until you’re certain it makes sense to follow the link back if you’ve been asked by another business to put their links on your website or are monitoring blog comments.

This is particularly important since it might reflect badly on your website if other links lead to poorly written content or are overstuffed with keywords.

In simple words, dofollow is the best option for external links pointing to your page from reliable websites. Links pointing to external websites connected from inside your articles or attached to comments on your work should only be followed if the destination website is reliable and pertinent.

How to Know if a link is Follow or No-Follow?


Finding out if a link is dofollow or nofollow involves a straightforward process. To begin, right-click on your webpage and choose “Inspect Element.”

This opens the browser’s developer tools, and you’ll see the HTML code.

4 Ways to Get Dofollow Backlinks for Website

To obtain follow backlinks, you may employ a variety of techniques. We will discuss 4 of the most important to get you started:

1.   Guest Posts

Once you’ve identified your niche, you may approach websites that provide comparable products or information and ask to contribute a guest blog post. After that, you may attach a link to your website after the blog or in your author bio. This is an excellent method for creating links. But make sure the blogs are excellent, pertinent, and thoroughly researched.

2.   Quality Content

Creating exceptional content and promoting it via email outreach is another method for obtaining dofollow links. This strategy functions best when your material is truly unique and appealing to the audience you are trying to target.

Let’s say you have just started a new blog and written an incredible post. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your piece was discovered by others who connected to related content?

Email outreach is a useful tool for attracting readers to your content, and if they find it interesting, it may help you obtain some follow backlinks.

3.   Public Relations (PR)

A frequently disregarded strategy for obtaining do-follow links is to concentrate on increasing your brand’s visibility or notoriety.

Links will come your way without you even asking if many people know your company and brand.

4.   Competitor’s Analysis 

Finding follow-link chances through a backlink analysis is an excellent tactic, regardless of your niche. Are you curious about the websites from which your rivals are obtaining links? Imagine seeing all of your main search engine rivals’ backlink profiles and contacting those websites directly to request connections. Isn’t that something you might use to assist in designing your SEO campaign? You can do that by comprehensive competitors’ website analysis. 

Wrap Up

High-Quality Dofollow backlinks are essential for optimizing search engine rankings, as they increase website traffic.The strategic use of do-follow links always generate a positive impact. So Are you ready to Dive deeper into the insights, industry trends, and practical tips available on the WebyLinks blog to stay ahead of competition? Let WebyLinks be your first companion on the journey to success.